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Personal experiences of K. Pradeepa



This happened when we were returning after attending my sister's marriage at Guruyavoor.  As, we did only the thaalikettu at Guruvayoor we were returning to Palakkad to a kalyana mandapam where we planned to do the other chandankugal.  We were returning in 2 cars .  My sister, husband, myself, and my parents were in one car and others were in another car.  Suddently, near Trissur my uncle stopped the vehicle and asked for water as we had the water bottles in our car.  Only at that time we noticed that the radiator belt in our car was about to cut.  It is only Lord Guruvayoorappan who made us to notice that and his kaligal not only stopped there.  As we have to reach at least by 9 o'clock, my uncle told us to take the other car.  So, we took that car and my aunt, uncle, and others who were in the other car was in a confusion how to reach the place.  As it was a Sunday no mechanic shop was open nearby and no one had the tools to repair the vehicle.  However, they managed to buy a belt from a shop, but there were no tools to make it right.  My aunt is a great devotee of Lord Gurovayoorappan and she started praying and all of a sudden an auto came and the driver voluntarily asked them the matter.  To their luck, he had the tools and he himself repaired the car.  To their surprise it was written as Balakrishnan on the auto and they reached just half-an-hour after we reached Palakkad.  Even now we are really overwhelmed by his grace. Who could  be the autodriver, it is none other than our Lord Guruvayoorappan.


Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


Thanks and Regards

K. Pradeepa. 

Personal experiences of Priya Anantharaman

Sri Guruvayurappan Thunai.

I would like to take this opportunity, to share my experience with  LORD GURUVAYURAPPAN, with you all. Our family came to know about Guruvayurappan just 5 years back thru a family friend. One day he told us about Guruvayurappan and HIS love towards his devotees.... getting impressed My father bought the Holy Book "Narayaneeyam" and started chanting it. Soon after we came to realise the God's grace..... at that time I was studying B.E 3rd year.. I got good results in all my exams and my brother got promoted to Officer post in his office.......

But the LORD, Guruvayurappan wanted to test me..... Successfully I had completed my B.E degree..... I was seeking for a good job for almost 1 year.....but did not get a suitable job....... some people they took this as a chance and they started hurting me.... I was in a frustrated mood ........ But the Lord has showered HIS love on me..... the very next week itself I had got placed in a top level MNC and now I am working there for almost more than a year........ I want the Lord Guruvayurappan with us always...... and now my parents are seeking a good alliance for my brother for the past 2 years and still nothing got settled..... and I hope the Lord Guruvayurappan will soon show his grace on us ....... We have none other than GURUVAYURAPPAN............. OM NAMO NARAYANAYA............

Personal experiences of Bindya Menon

Our family have had the blessings of Lord Guruvayoorappan always!! We have gone through really really tough times in life but during all those times like a silver lining after the black thunder, Lord in different forms have come to our rescue.....I can write pages on how the Lord has been with us. But today I decided to pen one incident. This was in January 2003, when my Dad was admitted to the hospital for a Pitutory Tumour to be removed. He was admitted to the KEM hospital in Mumbai , as there were only 2 doctors in Bombay at that time who could do this through Nasal Laser Surgery. We been three daughters and I been the eldest one was with my Mom in the hospital. Since it was a Governmet Hospital and my dad was lying unconscious in a  critical stage , I didnt feel like leaving my Mom alone in the hospital. We were there sitting & lying in the verandah opposite the ICU as the hospital doesnt allow anyone near the ICU .Though we were from Bombay only , we never had any bedsheets or napkins with us,coz we were not in that frame of mind to carry any of those items....We dont know who , but there  was a family from Bihar , who had come for their relatives treatment.Since they were outstation public ,they had carried all the required stuffs with them.Maybe looking at us they felt to happily share with us their bedsheets.That was such a good gesture from a family whom we had never met or seen in life before...Then at around 1-2 am, a nurse came to us and asked us to bring some medicines and said it was urgent.There was no way that i could take my mom with me ..My mom was afraid to send me alone at night.. At that time we met a young Malayali guy in the hospital who as a part of his job was waiting outside the ICU for his Boss's friend , so that in case of urgency he could run for them. He didnt know the local languages and he had seen us speaking in Malayalam.So he just had approached mom..And my mom just requested him whether he could accompany me to the Chemist.He was more than over welmed to do that. That was Guruvayoorappan himself who had sent him for our help.Till the time we were in hospital he made it a point to help us .We still thank him from the bottom of our heart and though we dont know where he would be now, but we know Guruvayoorappan would help him always...


There has been many such incidents in our life when we didnot know what to do and have just looked up to him , and he has been there for us guiding us through..If you ask my family, have you seen Guruvayoorappan, we may actually say yes many a times, but it always has been in different forms...May Guruvayoorappan be with all & bless all!!!!


Ohm Namo Narayana!!Hare Krishna !!



Personal experiences of Nandini Menon.

this happened when i was doing my graduation.i am devotee of both guvayoorappan and tirupati balaji. i had never been to tirupati before ,i would dream of going to tirupati but could never reach due to some reason or other.then one day my uncle agreat devotee of lord came and and asked me if i woukd like to accompny them to tirupati, i was overjoyed. on reaching tirupati i was happy but feld dissappointed seeing huge winding crowd it just seemed to increase.i thought my journey to tirupati was worthless,i cried in inner soul.then what happen is something extra ordinary, the lines started moving very qukly, soon i stood before the idol of balaji.i started praying. when i turned arund i was surprised to see that i was the only person standing before the lord. the pujaries had blocked other devotees from entring.and i was allowed to stad before the lord for as long as i wanted.

it was later that i got to know that my family was amongst the croud that    was bloked and where thinking that i was lost in the crowed.


thus i got the darshan of lord vishnu.


what i want to tell all devotees is this,

if you call once with all sincearty in your soul, god will come to you.


om namo bhagvathe vasudevaya.


Personal experiences of Karunakaran P.V., Dombivli (E)

Om Namo Narayanaya, Krishna, Guruvayoorappa..
Om ! Sarvathra Harinama Sankeerthanam Govinda, Govinda Govinda!

It is my practice for many years that enroute to my native I first visit Kollur Mookambika Temple, Guruvayoor and Parassinikkadavu  before reaching my home.  During December, 2001 I planned such a visit with a hope  to overcome a specific problem due to which I was in great tension for quite sometime.

I  had made an advance payment to buy a flat.  To make the full and final payment  I had to sell my existing flat.  Though some parties showed interest to buy the flat and even made commitment verbally, nobody did  turn up.  On 3rd December, 2001 at 9.00 AM I came out from Mookambika Temple after having darshan as generally a bus leaves from there for Guruvayoor at 9.30.  Due to last minute cancellation of the bus I had to board three different buses to reach Calicut at 9.30 in the night.  To my utter surprise, the guruvayoor bus from Calicut was also  cancelled.  When I reached Kunnamkulam it was 1.00 AM and when I reached the  temple premises it was at 1.30.

Due to continuous traveling, I was so tired and thought of sleeping till 10.00AM and then proceed to the temple for darshan.  I approached many guest houses and lodges for a room but nobody was ready to provide me accommodation in view of the  suicides committed by single occupants in some lodges at Guruvayoor during that period.  I had approached a Policy Officer on duty who also could not help me.  Then I changed my plan and had a bathe at  the temple pond and stood in the queue for darshan, chanting slokas from
Narayaneeyam.  Thus I had Nirmalyam Darshan.  I prayed to Lord Krishna taking quite long time.  At the 'Nada' itself I felt as if I had been relieved of entire tension.

I reached my residence at Dombivli on 8th December at 7.00 in the morning. At about 8.30 in the same morning,  one of my friends came to my house along with a bonafide   buyer who gave advance payment for my flat and within a month thereafter the deal was completed and I could move to my new flat in the month of January itself.

Om Namo Narayanaya

Karunakaran P.V.
Dombivli (E)

Personal experiences of Raji

I would like to narrate the miracle of Lord Guruvayurappan that happened in my life. I had gone for an interview. I went for the interview in the month of March. The interview went well. The company mentioned that they are going to make me an offer, but after two weeks they called me and told that the offer is on hold since they are reorganising,
that is they are laying off people. Then in the first week of May, I saw a dream where I was stting for Thulabharam in Gruvayur temple. The Thulabharam was to be done with bananas,
I am surprised because the dream was very clear. I told my Mother and she told me to make a "nercha" for the Thulabharam. I did it and the most unexpected occured, in the first week of June the Company called me and said they would like to go ahead and make offer and that also with a very high salary. I did not even ask for that Salary. It is the mircale of
Guruvayurappan. Pray to Lord Guruvayurappan and he willl help us out in all trouble. Raji

Personal experiences of Ravi

My name is Ravi and am currently holding a senior position in one of the largest software companies in India. I have had many occasions when I have felt that my beloved guruvayurappan has played magic on me. He has never failed to listen to my pleas or requests and I sometimes feel bad that I am not able to give anything back to him.

I wish to share an experience which I had around 23 years back when I was just in the 4th standard. My mother was a big devotee of kannan and slowly I followed her foot steps. We used to visit guruvayur every month. One day ,a  Friday, the results of a state level competitive examintaion was announced in my school and I was not among the winners. I was always the topper in the school and this time it happened, a class mate of mine had won the Kerala state level 1st prize when I didndt even appear in the top 10. I was devastated to say the least on that friday and started praying to guruvayoorappan. In the week end, it just happened that we went to guruvayoor with the whole family. I kept praying the whole week end and it looked like I could not have accepted my fate. On Monday morning , when I reached my school, my headmistress called me to her room. It seems that the organisers of the competitive exam had sent our headmstress a letter saying that there was an error in the evaluation and I have been listed as the 4th prize winner at the state level. The next day morning assembly saw our head mistress awarding the special prize in front of the whole school ! I was relieved, finally.

Till this day, I dont believe that this would have happened without His interference. This is probably one of the earliest experiences in my life and this has helped me grow into a more stronger Guruvayurppan devotee.


Personal experiences of Ravindranathan,Adithya ,Canara Bank Colony, Chandra nagar,Palakkad,Kerala.

In connection with renovation of a Vishnu temple(Kannakurussi Sri Krishna temple,Karakurussi) I wanted to make a website .so I was going thru different temple sites.Suddenly this  column came into my view . I am a marine engineer and now 57 yrs old . My personal experiences being too many,I will brief only very few.First let me start with what my grand mother told me.When I was one year old,my naming ceremony was planned to be held at tharavadu veede at karakurussi . But afternoon about 3 O’ clock I started crying .Everybody tried whatever they could.but I didn’t stop crying.Finally in the evening my grandma took me to puja room and prayed.Instead of conducting the chorun and naming ceremony at home,it will be done in Krishna temple.(which I mentioned above).Asif switching off my crying stopped.I was told that they conducted the nada thallel ceremony also in guruvayoor later on .
Iran –Iraq war was in full swing during 1983 – 89 period .In 1987 I was onboard a ULCC.(ultra large crude oil carrier).We were operating for Iran as a storage vessel in Persian gulf.On 21STdec 87 early morning I had a strange dream .All gods and goddesses to whom I know from childhood were standing beside an open ground .Few were standing and few sitting.But they were talking .By walking when I reached beside them all of them stopped talking and waved at me saying halo.I too said hai .Immediately I woke up and started analysing that vision over few cups of tea . Couldn’t get any clue.But  by 1230 hrs that day I got the answer.Iraqui fighter planes bombed our vessel.Fire everywhere,flames so high.we were carrying four lakh twenty thousand tons of crude oil that time.At one stage we(about 30 crew members) all got squeezed to one corner.Because burning oil spilled to sea made a circle around the ship.Practically we were cornered by fire all around .Both life boats were also on fire.About 20 minutes were very critical and I started remembering the best things of life before our last breath .But luckily Iranian fire boats saw this emergency from far,came rushing and sprayed some chemicals in sea. So the fire in water was under partial control and we got air to breath .Otherwise we would have been chocked to death without any burning injuries.Then they took over fire fighting and last flame out was night 9 O’clock.Surprisingly my wife at home also knew this from puja room one day before.She went to guruvayoor and booked for an udayastamana pooja.Availability year was 2002 .While booking my wife  also prayed that let the Udayastamana pooja and  chorun ceremony of our grand daughter be same day.My daughter was in 7th and son 5th std that time.Believe it or not, in 2002 Udayastamana pooja and our grand daughter’s naming ceremony was same day .    1992-94 time I was very badly suffering from right leg knee pain.If I go for alopathy and if in case  the knee is operated , it will affect my fitness to sea life , in view  this I was only taking ayurvedic treatments.In 1994 auguest myself and wife went for three days bhajanam at guruvayoor.The first day morning the knee pain became so intense and I couldn’t even do the pradashinam.Then my wife said to present my problem to bhagavan .In Kizhake nada there is arrangement for all silver roopam vazhipade such as body ,eye,hand ,leg etc.We came to kizhake nada took the leg roopam and did the vazhipade.I prayed from bottom of my heart .Time is 11 O’clock morning.That day night,after  threpuka when we get ghee drop prasadem ,the last bit  my wife applied it in stomach saying if any stomach pain is there let it get cured .Also she said what stomach pain I  have . We reached hotel.In two minutes we get a call from home .Message is my daughter is admitted in KMCH Coimbatore from college hostel due to severe stomach pain.We reached hospital by 4 O’clock in the morning .By the time things were diagnosed.Nothing serious , but she has to be in hospital for three days .By 10 O’clock Dr Vani walks in.From door itself she saw me massaging my right leg knee and asked . “yes,Ravindran ,what happened to your knee.My wife
explained the whole story.Before getting inside the room, doctor went out came back and told me to go and meet Dr David Raj which she fixed up the appointment.To make a long story short Dr David Raj cured my knee problem in one week time thru arthroscopy .(computerized surgery).What I want to say is when I put up my problem at guruvayurappan sannidhi with in 24 hours he pushed me to right place in  pretext of my daughter’s stomach pain .13th JULY 1996.Afternoon myself and my colleague checked in to JAYAKARTHA HOTEL (a 5 star hotel in Jakarta,Capital of Indonesia)after signing off from a ship.
Our rooms were adjacent,1001and1002 in 10th floor.We went out in the evening and by 1900 hours returned to hotel.By the time we arrived at 10th  floor we were shocked by the scene.4 foreigners’ rooms were opened by burglers, suit cases were taken to an empty room,and all were broke open .Mine and my friend’s suitcases were also there. Burglars  opened even the mail packets.All three others got their passport and other documents from hotel compound.But there is no trace of my passport.By Muslim law of that country first the person will be jailed .Then repatriation procedure is to be executed thru Embassy.Everybody lost their money and mine was us$ 2700 plus my travel documents.We were not allowed to touch any of the items till police arrive and complete their formalities.I sat in hotel passage and started crying .My concern was my passport.Though hotel management requested me to go and have dinner,but how can I .But by 10 O’ clock my inner sense started consoling me“Ravi, you are safe”.
I was experiencing  a strange relief in my mind .By 2330 hrs high police officials Arrived along with police dogs and completed their investigation.Soonest I asked them permission to check my items. Police said OK and immediately I checked my suitcase.Believe it or not. My full money,travel documents, and two guruvayoorapan 
photos  etc are fully in tact inside.I just jumped out of  joy and told people this god saved  me. In that room that time,police and hotel staffs personal, though all were Muslims, they just did namaste looking at guruvayurapan photo.God doesn’t knock at your door offers you  or tells you something .He makes you think in the right way , motivates you to do the right thing, in proper  place at right time.
My echolac suitcase which I had packed only that time, in a typical way, saved me from  the above .
At our tharavade veede , there is a Puthukudi nair’s mandapam .He being a thanthrik Ancestor, from grand grand father’s time itself Shakteya pooja being conducted for him .I used to take maximum interest for this . In 2000 when my wife was on board ship, she had  a dream  as puthukudi nair talking to her about few things . Accordingly Ashtamangalya prashnam was conducted at home . Devi Annapoorneswari had been in his right palm .So by 2002 Annpoorneswari and Puhukudy nair temple was built.(Two srekovil ,nadapura etc.) Sri kanipayur Krishnan namboothiripade is the architect and sri Andaladi Vasudevan namboothiripade is shethram thanthri .In 2005 on a Kerala bandh day , in my village Karakurusi ,an elephant without papan  ran
about 8 kilometers through main road, then came back to the above mentioned annaporneswari temple compound and stood there for few hours. Being a bandh day There were no causalities. My friend telephoned me about this and then I said this is the beginning of something . After 3 to 4 days I went to that place and we
were just chatting. Suddenly the topic came about the Vishnu temple which is near by Annapoorneswari temple .( about 200 meters ).The poojas in Vishnu temple were irregular, no proper pojari etc. I said why not to conduct an Ashtamangalya prashnam. Due to lack of funds and also who will bell the cat principle every body was reluctant
for such things. I motivated them and also promised an amount to start with .Then the shethra committee  said that If I am ready to accept the leadership they all will be behind for this project .So on October 2005 Ashtamangalya prashnam was conducted under the supervision of  Sri Andaladi Vasudevan Namboothiripad  (shethram thanthri ) Then following things came into light . The srecovil  prathishta  Mahavishnu is in combined with Sri Mahalaxmi ( single idol ).This is 1600 years old .The power is just like  Guruvayoor but due to bad luck  Sri Kannakurussi Krishnan got deteriorated to this stage, over centuaries due to improper poja kramems and ashudhi . Chutambalam is 800 years old . The idol is so powerful not to change.
On November 8th Kalabham (an immediate shudhi) was held . In 2006 March 12 ,13, 14, and 15th  Prashna pariharam and prethaverpadu poojas were conducted. Now after few renovation works  as per ashtamagalya prashnam Naveekarana Kalasham is to be conducted by 2008/2009 .Estimated plan as a whole is about 20 lakhs . I am confident that in mahavishnu’s case nothing will be an obstacle .I am sure He will show us the way . This is the same Krishna temple where I mentioned about my one year old incident.
Very soon I am planning to start the renovation project forming a
naveekarana kalasha committee  for  KANNAKUUSSI SRI KRISHNA TEMPLE ,
KARAKURUSSI .All Vishnu devotees , I would highly appreciate  if you  could give your suggestions and assistance for the above mission .

Personal experiences of R.V.RAMKUMAR from Melbourne

I am R.V.RAMKUMAR from Melbourne Australia. i was named at guruvayur.i would love to share my experience of Lord guruvayurappan with you.
we had a small baby krishna(kunni kannan)bought from mathura.after 2 yrs, we started worshipping him with faith and love.i was carrying out regular offering of milk to him everyday without mother was watching me doing this for more than a year.

When i got an oppurtunity to come to australia,my mother told me she will take good care of baby krishna as what i was doing.i came to melbourne and after few months i asked my mother about the worship and she said everything is fine and baby krishna is very happy and is enjoying .

few days later i had a dream in which our baby krishna was very hungry and starving and crawling here and there , weeping and searching for me , coming out of the main door of my home in coimbatore and calling me, where are you? where are you?. i could see his terrible hunger and starvation.

i rang my mother and asked what happened, where is baby krishna , how is the worship.she told me that she  had twisted her leg when she slipped in the that she was sick and couldnt offer for 2 days.i told about my dream to her and immediately with twisted legs , she started offering Him milk and prayers.she was very moved and astonished by Lords reciprocation.she realised that baby krishna is not an idol, He is completely present.from that day onwards she became a strong devotee of baby krishna and till date there are no complaints from His grace i am doing service in Hare krishna temple here in Melbourne, they give everyone free krishna prasadam 5 times a day and there are lot of wonderful devotional activities going on in Melbourne.

i remember as stated in bagavad gita(9.22)

"ananyasa chinta yantomam
ye jana paryupasate
tesam nithyabhiyuktanam
yogakshemam vahamyaham"

"but those who always worship Me with exclusive devotion,meditating on My transcendental form-to them I carry what they lack, and I preserve what they have.."

so no need to expect any thing from krishna than pure stated by satyavrita muni in damodara ashtaka

"varam deva moksham na mokshavadim va, nacanyam vraneham varesad apiha
idam tevapurnatha gopala balam sada me manasy avirastam kim anyaih"

O Lord, although You are able to give all kinds of benedictions, i do not pray to you for the boon of impersonal liberation,nor the highest liberation of eternal life in vaikuntha, nor any other boon which may be obtained by executing nine process of bhakti.O Lord i simply wish that this form of yours as "Bala Gopala" in vrindavana may ever be manifest in my heart for what is the use of any other boon besides this.




R.V.Ramkumar. Melbourne , Australia

Personal Experience of Achuthan Nair, USA

From: Achuthan Nair, USA


Except for a few years of my childhood,  the rest of my life I have been living outside India but whenever my family and I visit  India our priority is to have darshan of Guruvayoorappan . The Lord has been merciful and we are fore-ever in His devotional service. We have had extraordinary experiences especially inside the temple premises. 

This is an experience that my wife, Prasanna , had during one of our visits to Guruvayoor.

It was during fore-noon and we very much wanted to partake in the lunch provided for the devotees but the place was crowded and there was no way we could get a seat.. Disappointed, I suggested that I would get some prasadam from the counter instead. But my wife was so upset because she missed the main lunch prasadam, she said she is not interested but I got it any way. While I was away for a short while Prasanna saw a lady sitting nearby and crying. When she saw that she thought to herself, why should this lady make a show by crying in front of other people? But little did she know that the lady was expressing her grief in the presence of the Lord.

Having forgotten the incident, we started to move forward when we realized that our daughter, Rohini was missing. My wife became desperate and started crying uncontrollably. All my efforts to calm her down failed. I reported to the Dewaswom office who made missing person announcement. By the time I came back everything was quiet. All this time Rohini had been sitting on the side watching the temple elephant. It was the Lord's way of informing us that ALL true devotees are His children and one should not ridicule the other person even in one's thoughts.

Lord, you have been good to us, please help Rohini,  your favorite child and bless her.You know my concerns about her.

Hari Om., Narayana.

Personal Experience of Srinivasan Pudupakkam

Lord Guruvaurappa or Krishna has always been very compassionate to his devotees. Here I would like to narrate couple of incidences in my life. This incident happened when I was 4 years old. At that time I was with my aunt in madras and my mother was in a hospital in Vellore for a month. I wanted to see my mother immediately. But there was no one available to take me to Vellore. So I started praying to Lord Guruvaurappa, I chanted his name 200 times. With in few hours I was told that my mother was ok and she would be coming to madras the next day. My Joy knew no bounds after hearing the news. This is truly because of the Divine Grace. This incident made my faith so strong with the Lord.

When I was 9 years old, one day I was at school and my mother was at the hospital having some serious complications. Since I was small child, I did not know what to do. I was chanting Guruvaurappa, Gurvaurappa and asking the Lord to take care of my mother. The next day I received the news from my father that my mother was doing well and she should be out of the hospital in a couple of days. This is truly because of the grace of Lord Guruvaurappa.

There was yet another incident when I was doing my 12th standard public physics practical examination. I did not get the desired answer. So I was worried as I would loose some marks for not getting the correct answer. When I came out of the examination hall I was worried and prayed to Lord Guruvaurappa to get out of this trouble.

The next day my physics teacher told me that I got full marks in my practical exam. I was wondering, how that was possible. Then he told me that all the students who got that experiment were given full marks as there was some problem with the equipment (apparatus) that was given in the exam. This is yet another instance to prove that Lord Guruvaurappa takes care of his devotees.

There are many more occasions the Lord has come out to save our family. Have firm faith in him he will take care of you.

Om Sri Guruvaurappa, Om Sri Govindha, Om Namo Narayana

Personal Experience of Leena Madhu.















Personal Experience of VINOD KUMAR



Personal Experience of PS. Vinod, Bangalore.

     ...................................HARE RAMA.........................HARE KRISHNA............................... I am Vinod. By the grace of Lord, I would like to mention a small incident that really turned out to a be life-changing event. Even after completion of my master's degree as a gold medalist, I had to wait for another two years for a proper start-up. It was April-2002, when I set to Chennai from Alwaye to appear in the All-India entrance examination for M.Tech. in Atmospheric Sciences, conducted by University of Pune. Next day morning 07:30 a.m. I reached Chennai central. The exam venue was at Madras University campus,Guindy, at 01:30 p.m. Not to make a delay, I started at 11:30 a.m. At the bus station I enquired about the venue and ascertained the proper address.I got a bus that unwillingly lead me to a University at Mariana campus. Perhaps due to an improper communication with the bus conductor. It was about 12:40 noon & only 45 mins. now left for the examination. All my hopes were down. I decided not to appear in the examination for the reporting time was 01:15 p.m. I was totally confused as to which way I should proceed. Hard to believe, a boy of my age passed by me to whom I finally enquired. It's none other than God's unconditional grace that the boy was travelling to the same place. He took me to the proper bus stop and left me at the venue. Who could he be other than my Rama-Krishna ? I occupied my seat at 01:27 p.m., I nicely remember. Totally exhausted, I attempted all the questions with a blank mind. A week after, I got the selection letter. I am now an Engineer in GE Wind Energy. I will never forget that day. I have heard about many instances of Lord protecting his dependants during emergencies in Srimad Ramayanam & Srimad Bhagavattam. But, that day I witnessed it.

Personal Experience of Madhu B. Menon and Family, Qatar


Personal Experience of Gopi.

     OM NAMO NARAYANAYA When I came across this site I feel very happy. When I read the personal experience, I decided to send this mail, otherwise it will be a great fault. In my view we must use all the chances to praise Lord Guruvayurappan and the blessings he has granted for us. I have to share my experience to all because all people must know LORD GURUVAYURAPPAN’S love to his devotees. I have so many experiences with Lord Guruvayurappan. Here l am narrating two of my experiences. From my child hood days I have head ache. When I grow older the intensity of my head ache also increased. I have ache on the right side of my head. When it comes I cannot tolerate with the pain. I am an ardent believer of Lord Krishna. I prayed to him. And to my surprise Lord Guruvayurappan has cured my head ache. As my pain is considered it is a miracle for me. I am suffering from constipation and gradually it changed into piles. With this disease I cannot take enough food for fear that it will make the disease more severe. This worried me so much. Day by day my body started weakening. When the pain increased I consulted a doctor. After the examination the doctor stated his doubts. He told me that some times it may be a tumor or some thing like that. Hearing this I fainted down. The Doctor prescribed for further check up to confirm whether it is tumor or not. I prayed to Guruvayurappan for help. After some days the Doctor examined me further. To my surprise the doctor told me that I have no tumor. After hearing this I thanked to Lord Guruvarappan for his marvelous blessing towards me. Lord Guruvayurappan bless all of you. Be an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan. He will be always with us and he will always help us when we are in trouble. OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VASUDEVAYA OM SREE KRISHNAYA NAMA Yours sincerely Gopi.

Personal Experience of Manoj

     Om Namo Narayanaya ! I would like to share a small but very profound experience I had with Lord Vishnu (Tirupathi Balaji). This was the time I finished my BTech and was looking for a new direction in life. I tried many avenues with out any/or partial success. But none of them equaled my dream of going to the US for higher studies. We have the practice of consulting astrologers before most of our major decisions are taken (nevertheless we do what we want to do!!). None of them could ever foretell weather my dream will come true. But our constant unwavering belief in the Lord (Krishna or Guruvayoorappan or Balaji whatever name we choose to call him by) showed us the way. I faced lots of obstacles in my preparation of applying to US Univs. But where ever it really mattered he always held my hand. I got a very good GRE score with only 45 days of solid Prep. Before I was to appear for VISA stamping we (my mom, sister, father and I) visited Tirupati Balaji as his abode was the nearest w! here we lived (Sriharikota). We were very worried about getting the VISA. Usually there is a lot of rush due to devotees at the foot hills and also at the Hill top temple. Also as the winding queue approaches the sannidhi of the Lord the staff start to push the devotees to move them faster through the queue. But when our turn came the staff let us stand in front of his Magnificent Idol while they made the other devotees pass through and we prayed for a considerably long time. That gave me the sign that he has approved my plan and everything is taken care of. Then as expected I got what they call the "Counter VISA". Now I became what ever I am due to his never ending kindness and blessings. My he show us all devotees and non-devotees alike his divinity, love and grace !! "Hari Om" Manoj

Personal Experience of vijayan kumar, RK Puram, New Delhi.

     I am Vijayakumaran residing at RK Puram, New Delhi. My experience is that whenever I visit Kerala the first thing come to my mind is to visit Guruvayoor and have darshan of my beloved Kannan. Without this the journey will not complete for me. Everytime there is some reason or other to visit Guruvayoor and always had good darshan also. Last time when I visited the temple, one friend took me and my collegue saying that he will take care of us for the darshan. But somebody objected to it saying that they are on the line for so long time. After some time, to my surprise the person arguing was in front of me and I am inside the temple offering my prayers to the Lord. What a surprise? I don't know how I come inside after all. vijayan kumar

Personal Experience of THARA RAVINDRAN

     Hi, I would like to share my experience with all devotees.I have always been a great devotee of lord Krishna. Once, when me and my family were on our way to a hill station,it started raining heavily and we couldnot see anything ahead.My husband was driving the vehicle.We didnot know whether we were on the road or if we had moved onto the mud(which would have been dangerous) since we were on a hill station and the it was deep valley on the other side.All through the harrowing 2 hours ,I prayed to Guruvayurappa who somehow helped us to drive through the heavy rains.It was just because of Guruvayurappa that we could reach safely. If we pray to guruvayurappa ,he would always be there to help us. THARA RAVINDRAN

Personal Experience of Suji Durai Swamy, Pune

     I was about to pen on my experience several times, but every time some way or other i couldn’t. But i know now its too late. I was in deep tears whenever i used to read different peoples experiences. It was just 1-year back; we are one brother, one sister, and my mother. We were really in big crisis in financial problems, which i could say in pool of debts. Staying in a rented house, past 11 years. I was having a job in Pune and my brother with a business in tiruvalla. We were somehow managing day today life and even paying the small debts, and house was our dream.Because for settling large amount of debts, we sold our house. Hence the job which i got was not satisfying to come out of our debts and brother can't come out of shop and go in search of job in this world, where people are suffering from unemployment. So we applied for a visa with my cousin brother who is working abroad. He applied for the visa, seems that i would get a chance to go. So decided to take leave and go home, later will send reignation letter stating some other reason. So I went on leave. But once I reached my hometown,came to know for last year, visa is sanctioned less for women. So our faith has completely gone, i really feared to come back.Before leaving ,we visited Guruvayoor temple,lucky to say that myself with my brother we visited temples from tiruvalla to guruvayoor, i could say 13 temples in one day. My brother used to visit Guruvayoor once in 6 months who is really a devotee of Krishna or Vishnu.We reached guruvayoor by 4pm.By that time,whereever we went we were doing so many archanas,udayadas etc. We were in queue for half an hour,which i could recite lalitha sahasranam.I was surprised to see the rush,and got very good darshan,which on that day 'HE' was decorated as 'Unni kannan with odakuzhel'And i searched my purse to put money in Undiyal. Seen so many of them putting,plenty of money,i have put only 10-15 rs.My mind was full,and thought of one more darshan,so i have seen,'Maalas where worned by kannan',so i asked,but they told we have to pay.I was having 100/- note,i thought why to make change.So went out,took change,came for another darshan.Which is surprising, I got one more darshan. Meanwhile i put 30/- rs in undiyal, which I twice thought, and put. Once i came out,brother was waiting having same experience he had put only 20 rs. On the way we met with a small accident, which we spent 500/- unnecessarily. Very next week,i have to return back to Pune.I came and with my job, i was facing tough time,which i had to resign without a job in hand. The very day i resigned,i had another interview with Mahindra British telecom,evening i was waiting for my call.Meanwhile i was reciting lalitha sahasranam.By 6:30,they called,few minutes interview,they told me,i will be informed.SEcond day i went to different interviews and meanwhile on third day evening, i got a call regarding offer from MBT.They told me to check mail.When i was moving to Internet Cafe,i was praying only onethng ,atleast for paying debts, I should get money.I opened my mail ,praying Guruvayoorappa,for a surprise,i was shock to see triple of my previous salary,ie i had put 30/- in undiyal,My netpay was 33k.I was in tears like anything,which i kept 5000 out of my salary for my dearest guruvayoorappan as a praychitham and took leave after 5 months and went with my whole family in a traveler. Now after 12th month from this job,we own a beautiful house.We were able to repay some debts.Business got flourished. But i was not able to go this time to guruvayoor,but hope next time certainly i will be able to go. Life which was so miserable,now feels light.We are feeling his feet in every where. I was passioned on my mother who praise his beauty like 'Bhagavane krishna Guruvayoorappa,akatharil vannu vilayenne' 'Kannaka kigini vallakkal modiram,annichu kannenum bhagavanne' Suji M.D Pune

Personal experience of Pradosh Australia

     This is a wonderful and unbelievable experience for me and my parents when we visited Guruayoor temple few years back. We came to Guruvayoor temple in our Maruthi 800 car and was staying in a nearby logdge. we came there on saturday and visited temple that evening and was prepared to go back next day morning after visting the temple. so next day morning we went to temple and had darshan of Guruvayoorappan and returned to our logde. We are ready to mother packed all our clothes and her dresses and I took some bag back to the car. I kept few bags in the car and then to take the rest of the luggage...I locked the car, but unfortunately keeping the key inside the car and immeditately after locking the car.. I realized that the key is inside....I was shocked and tensed...all windows are closed and I have no way now to open the car now. I can see the car key lying on the drivers seat. I immediately informed my parents...they were all shocked. They saterted praying to Guruvayoorappan. I too prayed inside my mind. We were all set to we can't enter the car and since its sunday it would be difficult to find a mechanic also. so we informed the logde people, but they told they have no way to help us. Some people told us to try with another car's key. then we stopped few maruthi cars and asked their key..but nobody gave us the key. Now only option left now is to break open the glass and get inside. There was a small tourist van parked on the same logde. And we saw that people came in that van is about to leave. there was a Cleaner in that van and he came to us and asked what is the problem. I told him that I locked the key inside my car. Surprisigly, he started smiling and he went back to the van and came back with an Hacksaw blade. I though he is going to cut the door or do something else. but he was an expert...he put the blade through the small gap b/w the glass and the door. there is w rubber between glass and the he put the blade through that gap and with in seconds he opened the door. we all were surprised to see this. Is this a magic or mircale. I could even get a chance to thank him also. he immediately left to his van and the van was gone in seconds. we still believe that this person was sent to us by Lord Krishna. We we were in trouble he heard our voice and send the right person to us to help us. Otherwise how can an expert like this can come to us asking us what is the problem and helping us and vanishing just like that. This is another mircale from Guruvayooran. Thank you Lord Krishna for helping us on that day. I have lot of other experince like this. Probably another time I will write those. from Pradosh Australia

Personal Experience of Mohan Ramakrishnan

     Hi all, I am Mohan from Malaysia. At the age of 33, I was about to make my first trip to India. I had, for many years and on many occasions attempted to pay a visit to my motherland, but as fate had it, my trips had to be cancelled due to work commitments. Then came, 26.5.2005 (the day after Liverpool had won the Champions League), I finally made the trip. I told myself that I would definitely want to visit Guruvayoor sree shetram on my first trip to India. I landed in Kerala with my father in law and brother in law, who are Catholics. There, we met 2 relatives of my in laws and a Muslim friend. Our reason for travelling to Kerala itself was such a co-incidence. A relative of my father in law had forged some documents with his signature and was trying to sue him based on those forged documents. My father in law wanted me to help him sort the problems there as I am a practising Lawyer in Malaysia. We made the necessary arrangements to meet up with some Lawyers over there to help defend the suit. Our trip was only for 5 days and we had to meet many appointments. Deep in my heart I kept thinking of Lord Guruvayoor and was wondering if I will be able to "meet" Him. On 28.5.2005 (Saturday), as usual we had breakfast at a relative's place, and were about to make arrangements to meet a Lawyer, when my father in law asked me as to when I would like to go to Guruvayoor sree shetram. Not wanting to frustrate their plans, I told them that I could go anytime convenient to all, after completing our task there. Just then they said, "we shall go now, let us take the mundu from the house and proceed", and so we did. Upon reaching Guruvayoor, I changed into my mundu at a hotel nearby and headed to the temple alone. When I reached there, I did not really know what to do, but kept to my instincts and managed to see the beautiful face of Guruvayoor Appan. It was a wonderful experience. I will most definitely make another trip there soon. The best parts about this whole trip are: 1. I, a Hindu was driven to Guruvayoor sree shetram by 4 Christians and a Muslim who were all so happy to take me there. In the world we live in with such religious fanaticism and extremism, these 5 people have proven that harmonisation of religions still does exist; 2. When I got back from the Temple to the Hotel where my in laws and friends were waiting for me, we were informed by the people at the Hotel that the Temple closes at about 12.30pm to 1.00pm and will only re-opened at 4.00pm or so. We reached Guruvayoor from Thrissur at 12.50pm and by the time I changed into my mundu and reached the Temple was about 1.15pm. I managed to see Lord Guruvayoor Appan at 1.50pm. Just as I finished my prayers, they closed the Temple. Incidentally or co-incidentally, I consider myself very lucky to have been able to be there in the Temple and to be able to see my Guruvayoor Appan. I shudder to imagine the Temple closed when I reached there as I would not have been able to wait till 4.00pm for the Temple to re-open as we had appointments fixed with the Lawyers. The Lord is with us, it only takes a minute of our time to think of Him, and the rest He will take care. Om Namo Bhagavathae Vasudevaya Mohan Ramakrishnan

Last updated on 2/2/2005

Personal Experience from Ranjani Mahesh

     I have to narrate my mother's experience with Lord Guruvayurappan and His wonderful grace on our family. Long ago, when myself and my brother were barely 3 years and 10 months, respectively, my father took seriously ill. He started getting severe headaches and was completely bedridden during that time. He was the sole bread winner for our family. My parents had many financial responsibilities. My grandparents were old and my father's younger sister was still to be married off. My mother was a housewife and she is not very much educated. My father was admitted to the hospital and the doctors suspected encephalitis. My mother did not understand how serious a disease it was. But she only knew that it was very serious. She had no idea what she would do about the future of our family if anything were to happen to my father. She was very worried and one night, with my father still in the hospital, she was at home with both my brother and I lying on her side. She somehow thought of praying to Lord Guruvayurappan, though our family deity is Lord Balaji of Tirupati. She prayed to him and asked him to get my father well and she would in turn come to Guruvayur and   perform tulabharam for my father. Next day when she went to the hospital carrying lunch for my father, my father told her that he had a dream the previous night.  In the dream, he saw all of four of us going to Guruvayur. My mother says she was very moved on hearing to this. Eventually, he got well and all of us went to Guruvayur.

I am married now and my brother is the Director of a big company. We owe all of this to the Lord's grace.

Namaskaram and thankyou.

Your's sincerely,

Ranjani Mahesh,

Personal Experience from Shalini

I would like to share my experience with all.

This happened to me yesterday, I am six weeks pregnant and was suffering from
severe stomach pain and vomiting. Yesterday I thought just to search some
sites about kannan(Krishnan) and I don't know the Guruvayoor site exists. I
searched and I saw the site. My husband read the personal experiences and
told me to read.

In the night again, I started vomiting and had stomach pain. And I prayed to
kannan to protect me from the pain. When I woke up in the morning. I didn't
have pain or anything in my stomach. Who else can make this to happen, My

I am in US now .So I have decided when I go to India, I will go to
guruvayoor to see my kannan and say my thanks to him. Even though he can see
and hear from everywhere, I want to see him directly.

Yesterday whole night I was chanting,

"Krishna Krishna Mukundha Janardhana Krishna Govinda Narayana Hare,
Achyuthananda Govinda Madhava Sachithananda Narayana Hare"

Shalini. B


Personal Experience from V. Krishnakumar, R.K. Puram, New Delhi


I would like to share my experience with Lord Guruvayoorappan. I belong to Olarikkara, District Trichur, Kerala, and live in Delhi, as it is my work place.  I used to visit Lord Guruvayoorappan Temple for his ‘Darshan’ and pay my offerings in my each and every visit to my home-town. It is approximately 20 kilometers from my residence in Trichur to the temple. In my recent visit on 18th September 2004, I really saw Lord Guruvayoorappan, during a nap in the car in which I was heading towards the temple. Having woken up quite early to visit the temple before the 'Seeveli' , I was feeling sleepy and slept in the car for a very short-while when I felt a crowd of people appearing in front of me and someone from the crowd looking at me. I tried to recollect who he was but to my surprise the face became very clear and familiar to me and I realized it was none but the Lord Guruvayoorappan himself.  The whole experience would not have taken for more than a minute. I will never forget this valuable experience and I wish that the readers of this message too get opportunities to see Lord Guruvayoorappan. 


V. Krishnakumar

R.K. Puram

New Delhi


Personal Experience from Sasi Guruvayoor


I am from Guruvayoor but now working in Dubai.

Few days back quite unexpectedly, I went through this site and all I would like to say is its really Excellent.. Fantastic..


When I read this personal experience of Krishna's devotees, Tears filling my eyes and I found my self crying.. Then I thought in my mind, that yes, I want to write one of my experiences which did happen in my life with the association of Krishna. We in our family are true devotees of Krishna for a long time and without rending a word about Krishna there are no days. 

    One of my personal experiences is that , I was driving my car from Sharjah to Ajman . It was about 6.30 A.M .My self and my friend were going for Mangalarathi along with flowers to offer Lord Krishna in Ajman Harekrishna Asramam. My car was jumped on the Hump then lost the break of the car. There was a traffic signal  and the signal was red,  I could not stop the car. The car was moving to the signal.....I really felt shaken the other side was green signal and one Taxi car was coming to cross the signal ..I switch on the Horn continuously ....and pressed the break again and  again ...No break-  nothing -....Then chant Hare Krishna Maha Manthra loudly....and I said Krishna Guruvayoorappa Rakshikyu.......Krishna is so kind ...By the Mercy of Krishna the Taxi car just crossed the signal immediately after two seconds my car crossed the Red signal without break. ..Nothing happened to me and my friend or the car .







Sasi Guruvayoor.

Servant of God. 




Updated on July 16th 2004 –


Personal Experience from Ramakrishna


I would like to share an unforgettable experience with Lord Guruvayoorappan.  In 1992, while I was employed at Nellore,Andhra Pradesh, I had to go to Cochin to carryout a campus recruitment. After completing the job, I went to Guruvayoor.  After seeing Guruvayoorappan, I thought, it was such a small idol and was it really worth the visit ! But then I calmed down my thoughts saying it might make Him angry. I then left the temple.


After reaching Nellore, I narrated my feelings to my wife.  After a few weeks, one one Thursday night, I had a vivid dream.  In that dream, I alongwith my wife was standing in front of Guruvayoorappan at the temple.  We were reciting Govinda Damadara Stotram.  The dream which last for a long time, starting with the abishekam and ending with Alankaram.  In that dream, I was telling my wife, that I made a mistake, when I made those comments about Guruvayoorappan. And Lo ! how beautiful he looked.  Later when my wife woke me up, it was morning and I narrated the whole dream to my wife.


Such is the kindness of Guruvayoorappan !


Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya !



Personal Experience from Suresh



Om Namo Narayanana,


I would like to share my experience on the faith of Lord Guruvayoorappan.  We in a family are true devotees of Lord Guruvayoorappan for a long time and without rending a word about Narayana there are no days.  In every walk of life we had ups and downs, but Lord Guruvayoorappan has come in front of us for all the relief.  One of my personal experience is that I had a great bad ache which is of slip disc.  I could not move a step forward or lie down and the pain was gruelling me.  I had been to hospital where doctor said I had to get operated and to be in bed for six months.  I was really frighetened on hearing the operation as well as to be in hospital for six months, I couldn't imagine.  On the day of returning to hospital with sad note, I just turned to Lord Guruvayoorappan for help and to get rid of the pain and operation and I will visit to you immediately and do `shainapradakshnam'.  I just couldn't believe the very next day morning I was as normal and I didn't had any pain of backache.  I couldn't bring out my happiness for the lord which has given.  I went to Guruvayoor and done `shainapradkshinam' without any troubles.  Its six years now over and I ride in vehicle and carry on my endeavours.  The doctor which examined me also couldn't believe how it was rectified.  With this we can say that Lord Guruvayoorappan is there for everything.  We should utter always `Narayana' which brings destiny in good ways.  


Amma Narayana, Devi Narayana, Lakshmi Narayana!






Personal Experience from S Menon.

Today, quite unexpectedly, I went through this site and all I would like to say is ' It's really excellent '.


I went through the ' Personal Experiences ' section...indeed excellent!!


I too want to tell that, my ' guruvayoorappan ' has always been with me and will always be.


Whenever I stand before him, I just can't help tears filling my eyes...I don't know why?


I too had a worst experience in life, and he is the only person who helped me to get out of all the depressions.


Tensions, depressions, all are part of life. We cannot go away from them.

But we can feel at ease amidst them, just with a call ' guruvayoorappa '.




S. Menon.


Personal Experience from Mohan Menon


My wife Nesa and I were married in 1994 and we live in Malaysia.  For 5 years, we could not have a child.  A lot was spent on doctors and medications but to no avail.  Though it did not affect me much, it affected my wife greatly especially when almost everyone in the world constantly felt that it was their supreme duty to interrogate us on our perceived failure.


In 1999, we decided to visit India and went to several temples in India including the birth place of Krishna in Mathura.  The jail where he was born still exists and had some amazing vibes in there for me.  It moved me greatly that a small child born under such great adversity to imprisoned parents and under the mercy of his tyrannical uncle could achieve so much and achieve the opulence’s of absolute wealth, fame, strength, knowledge, beauty and last but not least renunciation and dispassion.  I was able to slip into deep meditation within a few seconds in this place.


My wife prayed hard for a child during our pilgrimage.  A few months after our return, to our absolute delight, she conceived - and without any medical help whatsoever !!!  We had been truly blessed.  But our problems were far from over......


Because of our difficulty in obtaining a child, naturally we wanted the best care for her.  We consulted the best obstetrician in the best private hospital in the country.  During the pregnancy, there were several complications, but nothing major.  I had been reading the Srimad Bhagawatham by Vyasa which deals primarily with the Lord's life in his several incarnations and especially with Krishna.  In there, Krishna's nephew's (Abhimanyu's) wife Udharra beseeches Krishna to protect her unborn son (Parikshit) from the undefeatable Brahmaashtra weapon of Ashwattamma.  Krishna does so and enters her womb in his microcosmic form and protects Parikshit by encircling Udharra's womb.  Udharra's prayer goes like this:


"Paahi Paahi Maha Yogin

Deva-Deva Jagat Pate

Na Annyam Tvad Abhayam Pashye

Yatra Mrityor Parasparam"


It means:


"Protect protect great Yogi

Lord of the Gods, Protector of the Universe

There is no one else but you that I see - who is fearless

(In this world) where this mutual destruction"


Throughout the pregnancy, an especially when there were complications, I repeated this mantra, beseeching Krishna to protect our child.


2 weeks before due date, one night, Nesa felt there was no movement in the womb.  Early morning, we set out to the doctor who told us that there was nothing to worry and that Nesa was in the very early stages of labour.  She was expected to deliver in about 12 hours.  The doctor even said we could go back home and come back leisurely later in the afternoon.  By Krishna's grace, I told the doctor I wanted Nesa to be admitted immediately. 


Since we were lulled into a state of confidence by the doctor, I decided to go back to my office nearby for an hour to clear some important matters.  No sooner did I reach my office than a call reached me from Nesa saying the CTG scan had found our child to be in distress in the womb and that a caesarian had to be performed immediately.  I rushed back just in time to see Nesa go into the OT.  (I shudder to think what would have happened had we gone back home as the doctor had advised ealier that morning !!!)


Brindha was delivered an hour later.  It was to be the beginning of 10 days of intensive hell for us.  She was blue and gasping for breath and immediately placed into a ventilator.  Later she was transferred into the ICU.  Our paediatrician told us there was only a 50% chance of her survival.  It broke my heart to see our tiny daughter with tubes and needles going in and out of her body, and in a ventilator.  I could not even hold her and comfort her.  For days, all we could do was watch her, speak to her and pray to Krishna.  I kept on repeating the mantra (above).  Needles upon needles, tubes upon tubes, harsh physio procedures, x'rays after x-rays continued to be performed on our daughter.  Looking at her, my heart sank and I became depressed and somehow convinced that even if she survived the ordeal, she would be permanently scarred or disabled for life.  But I kept on with my faith...kept on with the mantra.


For a while Brindha got worse.  And then we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  He breathing got better and a week later, she was out of danger.  I was still very concerned about the after effects of the illness and all the intense medical procedures though.  But when she finally got out of the ICU, to our delight, she looked pretty normal. 


Today Brindha is 5 years old.  She is tall, intelligent, beautiful, well-behaved and sensitive - more than any parent could ask for.  Not only is there no trace whatsoever of her ordeal, she even appears to have better resistance than normal children in fighting off the normal day-to-day infections.  What doesn't break you, makes you stronger I guess.  And it was Krishna who stepped in, in our case to ensure that my child was not broken.  I believe my wife, daughter and I had some serious collective Karma to dissolve that led to this experience.  Our deep faith in Krishna gave us the strength to face this karma and come out better and stronger than ever possible. 


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaye.



Peronal experience of  Sajeev Kesavan


Hare Krishna !!!

Words can not express the Respect to Lord Krishna that i have.Its more than the height of the skies
farther than the landscape,deeper than the ocean.Many occasions when Gods Grace was there ,cant list all
but recently something that happened .I was brought up in Ooty .After my schooling and graduation
my father got retired and we shifted to Kerala.My mother was a patient of a sickness.We always believed in
Guruvayoorappan.There werent days when i hadnt been with my mother in the hospital.Sometimes my father
and me and sister would sit at the strange fact of how mama could really bear the pain and still keep
smiling at us and others.I got Job in Delhi and left Home.
For a year I wasnt able to return to Home,My mama forced me to go outside from home and get to the heights.
I wasnt able to return to Home for more than a year due to the hectic schedules of work.After a year ,When
the work was really very Hectic Something started saying in my mind that I need to go Home...when i had
holidays i dont..but this time ...
I got the ticket also easily and went home.Once i reached home I stayed only for 5 minutes..immediately took my mama
and started to guruvayoor take the darshan of guruvayoorappan with my mama.I did rest only after reaching back home.Shared my mama's love for 10 memorable days.I also called all my relatives from all places for a get together at our home.I left home and reached Delhi via Blr ..But by the time i reached there ..there was a news waiting for me that my mother is serious.She left all of us and took a heavenly journey.

I only Thank Lord Krishna our Guruvayoorappan for telling me to go home and spend some days..................

The world is full of Gods grace for everything from the minute happens with Gods grace ..............................

Haribol !!

Yours humble servant ,
Sajeev Kesavan,


Peronal experience of  Sethu Subramanian

                         Om Namo Bhagavathae Vasudevaya,
                                This incident had happened some 10 years ago.
Myself and my  mother had paid a visit to Guruvayoor
in the month of october during navarathri festival
time in the year 1994 or 1995, which i don' remember
exactly. My mother had severe knee problem then  that
everytime she was sititng  down or getting up she got
excruciating pain in her knees. I took her to kotakkal
arya vaidhyasala in chennai , the doctor had given her
some thailam but to no avail. No medicine was of any
help to her. When we reached Guruvayoor in the evening
, all the lodges then were jam- packed that we
didn'tget accomodation. However with frantic searching
we were given a room on the second floor in a lodge,
which didn't have any lift.We had to climb a flight of
steps. While ascending the staircase my mother was
saying ende guruvayoorappa,i have come to see you with
my knee pain ,you have made me climb all the steps, it
is difficult for me, why it is so?  The next morning i
was having my bath around 1 O' clock while my mother
was fast asleep. My mother heard a voice while she was
sleeping that you have come here to see me, whyare you
sleeping ? and she felt a feathery touch on her knee.
She woke up and asked me whether i had woken her up ?
I said, "no" as i was doing puja then. She told me of
whatever she had heard in her sleep and i was wonder
struck that Lord Guruvayurappa had come in person to
cure her of her illness. Since then there has been no
pain i her knees. It is all because of His grace. He
has been a source of our strength.

                       One more incident i would like
to narrate which  have personally experienced with my
beloved Lord.
I have graduated from I.I.T. with very high grades but
i was not getting placed any where. Life was so
miserable and every day was so harrowing that  the
mental torture that i have undergone during that
period was indescribable. Three years rolled by, yet no
sign of silver line in my clouds. I had almost last
all my hopes. Why this suffering, What have i done
that i have to undergo this ? A lot of questions were
raised in my mind to which i couldn't find any answer.
One day i happened to go to a medical shop nearby and
i have picked up a conversation with the shop keeper
and our conversation had drifted to Guruvayoorappan
and casually he was remarking to me that a person who
was in abject poverty had kept aside a rupee everyday
as an offering to Lord guruvayoorappa
in a hundi in his house in front of theLord's
photograph and in due course of time he became
economically sound.I thought why not adopt this method
and from then on i have started  reading  a dhasaka
from Narayaneeyam and offer a rupee in a box  a day .
From then on by God's grace i am not facing any
financial crisis. God has been guiding me and helping
me.In my opinion there is nothing more than
Narayaneeyam to help one who is in distress. It is so
powerful that i can dispel and annihilate any problem
in no time if it is read with utmost devotion.
         Om Namo Narayanaya.                         
             Sethu ( A marunadan malayali)


Peronal experience of  KRV Subramanian

I am a student studying far away from our holy land.
Before coming for the higher studies, I had gone to
Guruvayoor sree shetram as I was in a very undecided
state of mind and being the only son did not want to
leave my parents alone in the old age. My sister is
married and lives in the US with her husband and

So, I was in a totally confused state of mind and
wanted guidance from the Supreme Lord on what decision
I should take.

It was evening deeparadana time. The entire atmosphere
was divine and I could sense the presence of the Lord
there in our midst. I was standing with my parents and
alongwith us our family friend Nagaraj and my cousins
Vidya and Veena had come. I was constantly praying for
a sign from the Lord and praying with utmost attention
to the photo in front of the sreekoil.

Then suddenly a Namboodiri came from the crowd and
started talking to me. He asked me if I was a
Namboodiri. I said no, but I am a brahmin. Then he
asked me if I am working in software(I was employed in
a software company in India at that time).I told yes.
At that point in time, my job environment was very
discouraging as there were lot of politics in the
office and my boss was not supportive of my work.

He told me that look for work in IBM or companies
related to AS/400 work as more scope is there.
Then he told that he also wanted to study further but
his father's demise prevented him from doing so.
Then he asked for money as he was very poor and needed
help. I gave him 51 Rs which I took from my father.

He told his blessings and then disappeared into the
crowd. At that point I was unable to comprehend what he
was telling subsequently on many occasions thought
over it but was unable to make sense of it.

Also there were many signs which told me not to go
abroad for the higher studies.(like many obstacles
from the admissions authority which said that if you
do not want this opportunity please tell us now and
also advise from our family astrologer in Palakkad)

But I was in a blighted state of mind and took the
decision to come abroad.

I have faced many difficulties here like harsh
environments,poor health and many problems

I always used to think why Lord Guruvayoorappan let me
take that decision at that point in time.

Then this year I have been feeling very jittery.
I feel that some big problem is going to come on my
parents especially appa and I need to go back to ward
off that problem. Also I remember that long time back
my amma had told that there is a ghattam facing my
appa after 60 years and he will survive with some
pariharam and lot of prayers to Lord Guruvayoorappan.
I somehow feel that my presence will be the VEL
against the problem.

I used to think of the Lord with all these thoughts
and why he is not helping me. This month the sequence
of events are enabling me to take a decision in that
direction.With the Lord's help, I hope to go back and
protect my family during these difficult times.

I have been unable to tell all these to my parents or
sister but can only tell to my beloved Sree Krishna
and I pray to him to ward off all the evil forces
confronting my family in this time and use his power
to do the impossible. What is not possible for Sreeman

Ajitha hare jaya madhava vishnu
agatharil vilangenam guru pavanesha krishna

om namo narayanaya
om namo vasudevaya
om namo vedaroopaya
om namo vishwaroopaya

Peronal experience of  Sunil Ravi







Personal experience from  Gayatri G. Menon

Jaya Narayan

Today, I just felt like going through this site to get some beautiful pictures of my kannan.  Here, I found a column in which I could write my feeling for my kannan and my personal experience in this regard.

I am the only child of my parents.  We come from a middle class family.  I am from Thiruvalla but settled in Baroda.  My daddy had strong belief in
Guruvayyorappan. He always says: “Mole...Guruvayoorappane vilikyu..hridayam thurannu vilikyu...nammal ellavarudeyum achhan aanu adeham...vili
kelkum...shuddha bhakti ullavane parikshikyum, pakshe tolkaan sammathikyulla!”

I had gone through many difficulties in life....I really don't know how I came out of each problems.  But one thing is true, my Guruvayoor Kannan has
always been with me. He always used to build up courage in me when the whole world around me was gone away.  I was 22, when I had got engaged with a man
who was settled in Surat, Gujarat. But anyway, I was not at all happy with that engagement.  That person was a sort of psycho, which I came to know
later.  I knew life is going to be worse, if I go with him. But still, in our Indian Malayalee Society, breaking engagements is not accepted and that
too if a girl does it.  I still don't know how I managed to bring the realities to my parents & relatives.  But then Guruvayoorappan was always
with me.  He always tests me but  I knew he can never abandon me. Finally, we got many proofs against that person and I was saved.

After that incident, I never imagined of a love Marriage.  But it became true! In the year 2002, as usual I went to Guruvayoor and cried a
lot in front of my Kannan. I told him everything that I had in my mind and even I said sorry for if I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt anyone in my
life.  After I came back from Kerala, the second month I met a person and I don't when he came into my life and I started liking him.  In our case,
everything was matching up-to-date.  He didn't have any probs regarding my past. He said that from past 4-5 years, he knew me and liked me a lot.  I
couldn't believe him! Every Saturday I used to go to Ayyappa Temple near by our house and this person also used to come, but I had never seen him!
Everything happened so suddenly and everything was just as I wanted.  He and his family are also strong believers of Guruvayoorappan.  My Kannan just made
my world to my liking, I suppose.  On Nov 22, 2003, we go married at Guruvayoor Temple and are leading a happy married life.  I always feel that
my Unnikannan is always with me! It is His power, which has made this change in my colourless life.  My Kannan has given me a person just as I wanted.

Now we have started our life together and I am sure that my Guruvayoorappan will never let me down and will always be besides me.

I just want to tell one thing: Everything & Everyone in this world will leave you but God will never leave you. So don't leave him. Have faith in Him. He is here.... nearby you.... somewhere inside u...don't u feel?...try to feel it !

There is nothing pious than Kannan...
There is nothing pure than Kannan...
There is no one stronger than Kannan...
There is no one sweeter than Kannan....
There is no one humble than Kannan...
There is no one who can love us eternally than Kannan...
There is no one in this world who can understand / know us better than Kannan....
He has given us this Life...We should never leave Him.
When everyone is gone away from our life, its just our faith upon Him brings a ray of hope inside us and helps us to survive.

Tav Charana Kamalam Sharanam.......

Personal experience from  SHAJU P.UNNI 


Starting from the year 1998 to 2002 i had lot of problems in my personal as well as official life. I was being insulted by many people and my life had become miserable, may be because of my bad time. I decided to go to Guruvayoor and cry before him and beg him for relieving me form this bad time. I used to go often.


One of my wife's friend, who was not in good terms from a long period, somehow came into pitchure and started interacting with my wifes family and somhow they came in good terms. They had a relative in dubai. They proposed why not send shaju to dubai. slowly they took my passport copy. After 3 months there was no improvement.

Once i went to guruvayoor, i litereally cried befoer Guruvayoorapan and told him to save me from this hell, i am tired. After praying and while taking pradiksnam, i went to take the prasadam from melshanti sitting behind that is near small Ganapathy prathista. He gave me som many flowers that it was difficult for me to keep in my hands. that time itself i understood that Guruvayoorapan has blessed me.


After few days my VISA processing was over and slowly all the things coming against me were literally taken off from my path.


now iam in dubai and working in a good firm.


I know his forgiveness and blessful smile is always there for me. Thsi time also when i went to India , before entering my house i went to Guruvayoor from the airport as none other than him has saved me.






Personal experience from  Dr. Bindukumar B

Om Namo Narayana,
While going through the personal experinece of other people I thought Why shouldn't I write something. This incident was in 2002. I am a native of kayamkulam, Alleppy. Thinking of having a darshan of Guruvayoorappan for a long time we could not make it because of one or the other reasons. When I got a US visa for a post doctoral fellowship, I thought I will make it to Guruvayoor. Again due to the hectic schedule I was changing the plan and I have to fix the date in a short time. Then came  the problem of accommodation for me, wife and my son when we reach guruvayoor in the midnight. I tried to get some accommodation in the guest houses with some recommendations. Unfortuntely nothing did materialise. They told me that it is very difficult because of some festivals and the holiday but they will try. As I reached there in the mid night  the guest house guy told me that they could do nothing and we have to look for somewhere else. It is very difficult to get even an auto at that time. When We were coming out of the guest house desperately thinking what to do next, one man standing in the darkness, by the side of the guest house gate asked us if we were looking for a room. He asked us to come through the front gate of a nearby bulding. Finally  we got the room, we could attend the Nirmalya pooja and unusually the priest allowed me with a few other people to come out of the line and be in front of guruvayoorappan for a longer time. This may not be unusual for others but for me I just felt the presence of Guruvayoorappan.The money we had to pay for the accommodation was a quarter of what it would have been charged by any guest house. Guruvayoorappan is always with me


Om Namo Narayana
Bindukumar, New York




Personal experience from  RAGINI

Om Namo Narayanaya


This happened to me about six years ago.  I was pregnant for the second time (8 months).  I was sleeping with my first son (5 yrs old) and my niece (17 yrs old) in Chennai.  My husband was out of town.


It was raining with thunderstorm.  While sleeping suddenly there was a muscle pull in my left leg - very painful - and I was not able to even move my leg an inch.  I was crying in pain and was calling my niece who was sleeping next to my son.  But she did not get up because she was fast asleep and did not hear me.  But to my surprise, my son just got up and with his little palm touched my left leg in the correct place where it was paining (in the darkness)  just by one feather like touch I was fully relieved of my pain! and my son slept and I also fell asleep.  Next morning I told this to my sister and my niece who were only surprised to hear this.


God is always with us.  I only rely on Him.  






" Ananya chinthayantho mam, ye jana paryupasathe
  Thesham nityapi ukthanam yogakshemam vahamyaham."

"Whoever always thinking of me, & devoted to me, I will take care of his well being in this world and the other world."

I got some experiences of that assurance from the Lord, & still His grace protecting me  wherever  I am. It happened in Bombay. I was traveling in a bus from Andheri to Mulund. I was totally tired and was not feeling well also. The bus was fully crowded and no place to sit or move. It is my habit to chant Gayathri or to humming some divine song whenever I am aloof or alone. That day my head was whirling round and I was desperately looking for a place to sit. I was singing one bhajan song to keep my mind alert. Suddenly one small hand captured my hand. When I looked behind there was a small boy age of 7 or 8 in a dark complexion, wearing only one small dhothi in his waist.  He pulled my hand and told another passenger who tried to occupy the seat in good hindi "chale ja, ye mera aadmi he"  & that boy asked me to sit. when I was turned  and about to say my thanks, he disappeared in the crowd. This incident  always brought in front of my view is that it is none other than GOD. 
    1987 I got an opportunity to meet Late Shri Anjam Thirumeni at 'NARAYANALAYAM' Guruvayoor. When I stepped there, I heard the voice from upstairs "HARE, HARE NARAYANA". When I climbed the steps & reached there, with a magnificent smile Shri Anjam Thirumeni  welcomed us. I felt peace in my heart and I was so happy to see him. He was observing silence at that time.  He took some Kaustuba and put a gopi(tilakam) on my forehead. He gave some lotus flowers and prasadam to my sister. We prayed to Lord Krishna in Temple to come with us always wherever we go. When we asked permission to leave, suddenly Thirumeni asked me to wait and went to his pooja room and took a long TULSI MALA FROM Lord Krishna &n put it around my neck. I felt Lord Guruvayoorappan presented it to me. I felt immensely peaceful and still I can't forget the happiness I have seen in the face of Shri Anjam Thirumeni.




Personal experience of Indu Paphul


Since i discovered this site, it has become a longing for me to enter this, the first thing in the morning. I get a feeling as if I'm close near to him praying and seeking his guidance.


Tthis morning i found myself in a very negative mood. felt as thou i was falling into deep confusions but very soon i realized that a sort of comfort had passed thru me.  i felt i was not worrying too much after that.   A sort of courage crept in me. and i resumed my daily chores.. I'm sure it's the almighty that has made me so..

Chanted in mind.

Krishna Guruvayoorappa...



From: Achuthan Nair, New Jersey, USA

This is an incident  that took place few years ago and it was narrated to me by a close friend of mine , a native of Ernakulam , a heavy machinery mechanic formerly employed in Bombay. His first born child, a boy, could not speak or even utter a single word from the very beginning. The family tried all available treatments and offered prayers but in vain. When the boy was about 5yrs old, the family went to Guruvayoor to offer their prayers to Guruvayoorappan. My friend cried  and asked Krishna to bless his son. The family  started making the pradikshina and the boy started running ahead of them. All of a sudden the boy tripped  and fell , crying AMME!  He started talking normally since then. What a wonderful experience!  It  can happen only with Guruvayoorappan's blessings. Naraayana !



Personal experience of Prasannakumari & Achuthan Nair

I belong to a village 5 miles south of Trichur.  We make it a point to visit guruvayoor whenever possible.  Few years ago we went to guruvayoor with family for the Lord's Darshan.  I was with my wife and children.  At one point when we were making the prathikshanas I put a 5 rupee bill in the bandaram.  Seeing me do it my daughter Rohini said she too wants to do the same and asked me for money.  I said I've done it for all of us and she dosen't have to do it on her own.  She was upset.  later on i too was upset because I feel that I had offended the Lord.  Anyway as we were making another round Rohini started jumping up and down with excitement, shouting I got it !  I got it!  What she got was a 5 rupee bill that she had found and picked up from the ground.  I turned around and asked everyone around me if they had lost their money but got negative responses.  I knew then that it was the lord himself who gave he! r the money.  So I told her to put it in the bandaram.  Even now I ask His forgiveness for the mistake on my part for not giving her the money myself.
Narayana Narayana Narayana



Personal experience from Shivan


I was a young boy of 19 years old. When I got a Govt. job in Bharuch Dist in Gujarat State I prepared to move there [at that time I was staying in Baroda] because it was nearly 90 KMs  train journey from Baroda to Bharuch and the office time was morning 8.30. I was unaware about the place of my stay in Bharuch. It was at that time that one of my relatives viz. Raju told me that I could stay with him for some time. He was staying in Parsiwad, a place in ankleshwar, but in Bharuch District. Before proceeding to stay there I got his address, etc. but to have a confirmation of the distance between the Railway Station and the place of his stay I was told that it being only a few KMs that of walkable distanceis there . But, I was under the impression that the distance he told was, from the Railway Station Bharuch to his residence.


It was in the evening hours that I set forth to Bharuch and reached there at about 8.00PM. I was happy  and relaxed a little that now only a few KMs only I have to cover to reach the residence where I  was expecting  my accommodation. When I asked in the Railway Station where is the Bus Stop from where I could bus to go to Parsivad, to my astonishment I was told that it there being again 40 KMs to reach to Parsivad from Bharuch.


The fact remains is that to cover the 40 KMs the money required was not enough in my hand and and that there was no local train available even upto the 123 PM. Again when I contacted many a passer by, but I was told that on getting down the staircase there are a lot of Rixawalas who will take to the place where I had to go by paying Rs. 3/- [three only] though they allow other passengers also in the journey. I was a little relieved from my tension of journey because I was going to reach the place of my destination. The Rixa moved and halted at a place called Ankleshwar GIDC High Way and all the passengers got down there  giving him  Rs. 3 each.  By the time, it was very dark and since the Highway the place where I got down I felt as if a swan stuck in the mud to the extent that there was hardly any passerby; to add a little more embarrassment, because of the mist for the  month of  December the atmosphere was really embarrassing  for a person like me who had left with only 2 [two only] to the reach the destination. Since I was going to settle the place of my stay, I had a bag also to carry with me. When I asked the Auto Rixa Driver, how much money he will charge to the place of my destination from there I was told that  I had to pay Rs. 16 or 18 [I do not remember exactly] but where is the money?! When told him that I will give him the money when I  reach place borrowing the sum from the Mr. Raju, the Auto Driver disagreed that he has to go back to Bharuch and that, that  was his last trip of that day.


I got down from the Rixa and walked nearly hundred foot away thinking  that only Lord Krishna could help me and I began to call Lord Krishna.


It was really greatly surprising to me that I could  hear a voice from my back side and when looked back  Lo and behold! the same Rixa Driver appeared there and told me to sit in the rixa  saying that he would take me to my destination. Accordingly I started my second journey  thanking the Almighty, to the place of destination and when I got down I could see immediately  Mr. Raju who was standing in the Varandha of his residence waiting for me. I told the Rxia Driver that I will immediately get the money for him and . When I asked Mr. Raju the money for giving the Rixa fare I was told that he could see me only and not the Rixa, and to my astonishment when turned back I was in a dithering state of mind that – a miracle happened within  fraction of a second the Rxia Driver vanished from the place when  I got down - before the residence when I had to stay. This  incident cannot escape from my mind. I believe that it was miracle of Lord Krishna who took me to my destination.


Experience from Sunitha Kuttiyil

I have immense faith in my guruvayoorappan .l always feel whenever I am in any kind of problem guruvayoorappam saved me from all, I have a lot of experiences to tell , but definitely l would like to share the following. It happened around 8 years back,  I hail from trichur dist a place called Kodunagallur.. My father had gone to take my sister who was studying in calicut  for the vacation. they were supposed to reach in kodunagallur for lunch, that day l felt like  I should go to guruvayoor, I told my mother about this, but she told me that after my father and sister come we all can go together, l insisted to go and told 'if we can't go today we can not go tomorrow also' .I still don't know why l told like that. Those words came from me. We started in the morning 6.30 and reached around 7.45 a.m. I was feeling restless throughout the travel. I tried to make myself calm thinking of my krishna. My mother also felt the difference in me. while having the darshan l put the 'kumkum' on my mother's forehead and asked her to do the namaskaram .My mother amused by my behavior obeyed me. After the darshan we were hungry as we started from home without any food. Usually we will have some breakfast in guruvayoor after the darshan, but that day i told my mother we should go home with out having any .Some force was making me to do all these. We reached home around 11.30 a.m, as soon as we reached the home our neighbor came and told that she just received a call from my sister  that my father and sister met with an accident and my father is serious. They were admitted in trishur hospital and were all alone. We were horrified but l felt my krishna is saying me that noting is there to worry about. We started immediately and reached in 1.30 hours, my sister was consoled seeing us..also my father. With guruvayoorappa kripa my father recovered in 3 moths. I still believe it was my krishna who took care of this incident and who is still taking care.


Experience from P. Vasudevan



This instance still I remember, LORD GURUVAYOORAPPAN'S blessings came to me, and HE is still around me.  It was in 1980, my son was born in Mumbai.  We were happy and thanked HIM for blessing us with a son.  However, the second day after the birth, he had jaundice.  The doctor took it lightly and the boy became pale after 48 hours of birth.  The doctor told me that you take the child to another nursing home and show to a specialist, she gave me the required recommendation letter.  When we took the child to the nursing home where the doctor suggested, the specialist doctor was not avail-

able, he had proceeded to airport for a seminar at Hyderabad.  The duty head nurse suggested to take the child to some other nursing home as the doctor will arrive there after four to five days only.  The time was about 7.30 pm.  Since I don’t know any other doctors, I lost all my hope and my eyes are filled with water.  Seeing this, the head nurse told me that she will keep the child in the incubator on that night and will give him some medicine.  She also asked me to leave the premises, as their policy is that they should close the door for the day.  My wife is in the nursing home, the child is in another

nursing home and I am alone.  I did not know what to do.  I was sitting in front of the nurshing home where my child is there thinking what to do.   I just went to Matunga Kochu Guruvayoorappan temple and prayed to LORD, crying like a child. The time was about 9 pm.  Only few devotees were there.  The priest saw me crying and praying.

When I was going round the temple, when I reached him, he asked me "why was you crying and telling him"?  I narrated the story (the priest while giving me a small yellow banana) told me, HE will do the needful, don't worry. I went to my room, had a little dinner came back to nursing home.  The nurse reminding me again that nobody is allowed to stay there, closed the door.  All my hopes gone, but still I waited in front

of the nursing home.  Time passed, half sleep coming to my eyes, then around 1.30 pm I heard sound like people coming with heavy boots.  I opened my eyes, three people were coming towards the door of the nursing home, I stared at them.  They pressed the calling button, and the head nurse opened the door and said "Doctor what happened?  You didn’t go to the Seminar"?  The doctor replied, there was an announcement that the seminar was postponed to an another day. So with my other friend doctors, I decided to come this way and visit the nursing home thus I can show my nursing home them.  The doctor asked about me and the head nurse explained him about my son.  The doctor told me "don't worry, I will check him now and I will give him some  medicine.  You can come tomorrow early morning, because I need to check his blood etc.". Tears fell down from my eyes like the down-power.  Doctor pat me on my shoulder and said "Don't worry, I am here".  I went to my house and slept.  Early morning blood taken, urine taken and test was done.  Everything was over by the end of the day.  A happy man I returned to my wife

and said 'GOD was with us'. Today he (his name is Sunil) is 22 year old, passed his B.Sc (Electronics), finished his NIIT computer course for 6 semester.  Now he is searching for a job suitable to his like and studies. I am sure, Guruvayoorappan will be always with him and will help him in getting a job. Now we are in Bangalore.  I am working in a private company as a Manager, in their account department, wife is working in a Government Department, my daughter is studying in first PUC. That's all I want to tell to everybody.  You pray to him with deep devotion, he will give you what you want, but not what you imagined, he will give you THE BETTER ever than we expect.  




Personal experience of Ramdas Iyer

this happened more than ten years ago. i was without a job and nobody at home had a job. i was 27. i was extremely tense and on the verge of nervous breakdown. I was in the habit of visiting guruvayoor regularly and once dropped my biodata in the bhandaram there because i had no money to desperation i left home at coimbatore saying that if i dont get a job, i will not come back home and went to hyderabad, even willing to take up a menial job. but i lost all my money and came back home without a job. when i reached home, there was an appointment letter waiting for me appointing me as assistant professor in a college. from then on , i have got other jobs and am now doing well at delhi. OM NAMO NARAYANA! GURUVAYOORAPPA SARANAM!!



Personal experience of JAYASHANKAR

This happened way back in 1967 when I was in 10th standard. I was giving my final examination. On the first day of the exam, I was in my class room for the test and all of a sudden my fountain pen was missing . I really felt shaken and there was no way to get a new pen on those days and I cannot go out of the class room. I just called for SHREE GURUVAYOORAPPAN, and with my surprise, the fountain pen was right in my desk. I cannot forget this incident. Also there are so many experiences, which did

happen in my life time and again, and SHREE GURUVAYOORAPPAN always was/is

There whenever I called. OM NAMO NARAYANAYA


Personal experience of Vasantha Harinath


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.


I'd like to share my experience with all the devotees of Krishna -- several

years ago, one afternoon, I was driving home from work. I teach at a

college in Mansfield, Ohio. It  was about 3 pm.  I was  a little over a mile

from my house. I  was on a hilly road. All of a sudden I had a vision of my

Lord Krishna. He was standing in my kitchen. He was larger than life.  I saw

him clearly.  My eyes were open and I was driving.  When I had the vision,

I found myself crying uncontrollably and begging my Krishna to stay. I

offered him everything I could offer just so He would stay.  Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience.


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